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Friday, April 29, 2011

April 29th

What's Been Happening To Moi:

Over the last 10 days or so, I have had 2 tooth extractions, a close call root canal, a post and crown installed and a cap placed.

Thing is, with one of the extractions the dentist found a very small cyst, which is nothing more than a tumor that refuses to apply itself. All went well and yours truly is recovering nicely.

Something I have noticed lately is a LOT of cars from our neighbors to the north. And I am not sure I like it. Here's why:

They do tend to be a surly bunch. Back in the day, when I was still running under DOS and on IRC (internet relay chat):

SIDETRACK EXPLANATION: IRC was a way of chatting with others via the net. You would find an IRC server, log on, and type /join #WHATEVERROOM and poof...there you were. IRC is still very much alive and running today. I just don't use it much anymore.

Anyhow, I would be in a chat room and notice some rather crabby, bordering cantankerous, types complaining about something, or being insulting. On IRC you can do what is know as a "/whois nickname" and see where said participant is from. And 99 times out of 100, it was above the northern border.

I mean who in their right, collective mind would pronounce Sault as Sue???

Must the french blood in them.

Not to say that all of them up there have no sense of humor. Kindly view the following clip from "Canadian Idol".

GLEEK SIDETRACK: Back when I had Triple Play Cable and much faster internet speed, I would download Canadian and Australian Idol. I watched one and a half seasons of the former, one season of the latter. I wish HuLu could show full episodes of Idol so I could stay current but, alas, one of the pitfalls of being address-less.

See, what very few people know is the real reason Canadians are crabby. The have to conduct most of their commerce using ...are you ready...PELTS! That's right, the skins of fuzzy creatures. They don't have a Currency, they have a Furrency!

Sure, when we travel there and buy something, the natives around us pretend to use a Visa Card or cash. But once you and I leave the store, out comes Rocky Raccoon or Br'er Fox so they can get stuff.

Now they have done this for decades, but because Obama and his uber bud George Soros have wrecked the global economy, what used to cost 2 rabbits and a squirrel, now runs 3 rabbits and a moose.

All those extra skins make their garments all bulky, uncomfortable, and itchy to wear. So no wonder they are crabbier than ever.

The dirty secret is, this year they found a way to get even!!!

Ever wonder why this winter seemed to last so long and was so harsh?

At night, all the lights at the border would be turned off and millions of the maple luvin' citizens would shoo moose away from blocking their driveways then head south. At the border they would have large pieces of cardboard and flap them, sending that icy, arctic Canadian air our way!

See what happens when the USA doesn't protect it's borders? Well, do ya'????

They would laugh at us when they pirate FOX NEWS and see all the misery and expense a prolonged winter costs us Americans!

Hey, I like Maple Flavored Treats as much as the next guy! My girl for my curls, Darlene and her daughter discovered I LOVE Maple Creme Sandwich Cookies, and buy me four boxes at a time!


When driving through Pennsylvania last weekend , I happened upon a small chain of doughnut shops called "The Maple Doughnut". Great, I thought to myself and pulled into one.

I have to say the coffee was the best I have tasted in quite sometime! Not since the BEST EVER cup I had in Wilkes-Barre's "Daily Doughnut" shop in 1995, has one gotten my attention like this one did.

Anyhow, I am perusing the selections, pointing to the really enticing ones, only to be told those are peanut butter flavored. The frosting was same color as the maple ones. The only maple ones were plain frosted or nut laden frosted.

They need to change the chain's name!

However the REAL maple ones were very tasty! But I digress....

So the next time you see a Canadian license plate pass you on the highway, look over to it and say:

"Hey, thanks loads Dudley for all the damn snow and bitter cold!"

That'll show'em!

Until next time....
EDITED TO ADD: Damn continues!

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