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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

PLEASE Read And Spread Around

The family needs help with the funeral expenses. Don't even ask about the medical.

If you are able to contribute,  thank you and God Bless. Please let the family know you saw it here.

Click HERE

UPDATE: To all who prayed for JoeP and MickiC...

Joe passed away today. Please pray for his soul and those he left behind. Thank you.

UPDATE: 02/01/14 He begins his 5th round of chemo this week. This is a VERY aggressive protocol and it's taking a sever toll on him.  Extra payers with added oomph, please. These are really good people. Don't deserve what they are going through.

As many of you know, I am NOT one to wear my heart on my sleeve these days. However...I learned something this past weekend....
Some one who is VERY dear to my family let me know that her fiance is dealing with Stage 4 stomach cancer that has spread. I have yet to meet him, but by all accounts a really great guy who treats her really well.

This on top of her having JUST come through treatment for Breast Cancer. Fortunately, they caught it "earlier than early" and she should be fine.

 Thus, I ask for prayers for Joe P. and Mickie C. that a miracle come their way. I have been fasting and praying on their behalf. Feel free to spread this where ever you can .
May God bless them both.

Monday, October 6, 2014

My Open Letter To Jerry Jones

I know....I understand Jerry. More out of towners than Cowboy's fans it seems these days.
At least that's what the local, and some national press, are saying. The frustration is written all across your face. Who needs those bastards? After all, not like they are going to buy any Cowboys' merchandise!

Who needs that kinda aggravation? I mean, so much other stuff you have to deal with.

As a transplant from New Jersey and a new Texas resident I am here to help you out, with just a twist of justice! And it can take place on October 19th when you guys take on The New York Giants (who are actually from The Land of Snookie).

And the kicker? Tom Coughlin and I come from the SAME HOME TOWN!!!! Waterloo, New York!


I can be there at Cowboy's Stadium...I REFUSE to call it AT&T....rooting for my new home team. Ask anyone who knows me, I am really, REALLY loud! And if I get to bring a guest or two along, I will be sure they are of the same vocal prowess.

SIDETRACK: In the town I live in, Euless, there is a road known as Industrial that has a slight hill When driving up it, the stadium rises up on the horizon like the Mothership in "Independence Day". It was awesome to see. But now that AT&T has defaced said venue, it looks like the alien's put graffiti on the dome! I hate it!

I love being a Texas Resident. I figure once I rope a calf and scale an oil rig, I can kinda call myself a Texan and get the hat. But for now I am pleased to be fully documented. And nothing says Texas more than The Cowboy's kicking some Yankee ass.

Thus Jerry, I am at your disposal.

I hope you see this and let me play my small part in restoring order to The Force in Arlington. Simply's the right thing to do!

I look forward to hearing from your office soon. Let's do lunch!

Your Truly,


Thursday, June 5, 2014

But For The Grace Of God....

...we all get to live.

Kinda struck home today!

Allow yours truly to preface the following....

My core...had been telling me that I am not where I should be, geographically. The neighborhood is...questionable. My apartment is....not what I am used to. But I pushed those thoughts away. Understand, I am VERY grateful I have a "home". But it's....not what I have had in years past. And it's a quandary....

I won't do anything to make this place truly "home".  I don't want to be married to it. I won't buy furniture for it, nor make it cozy. I want it uncomfortable. And then......

Who I am to feel I am better than the denizens of my realm? What would put me above others?

Nothing! We are all God's children...all His creation.

Thus..I push my musings away.

Until the last coupula of  days.....

Spent some time with a wonderful girl who has had her share of GREAT misfortune. I would elaborate, but her story is not mine to tell. I can say she is brilliant, accomplished, and has a strength that is profound. Speaks 4 languages fluently.

I was really impressed. she and I got to talking...which we did at length....she said to me...

"Why are you here?"

Then went on to say I was "better" than this...but not in the way you imagine.

She was raised in The Congo and is coming from a cultural point of view. She was not denigrating those around me, but wondering why I was ...stuck...where I am.

Made me think.....

When I have the full answer, I'll get back to you. This is something I seriously have to ponder and probe.

I am made for better be a better person....

Why then, do I hold myself back.

Until next time.....

Friday, April 18, 2014

The Liberty Symposium

UPDATE: 04/21/14 10:25 P.M. C.D.T. : Please pass this along. Either via email to your friends or post this link on your Twitter (#LibertySymposium), FaceBook, etc. pages. I am giving this 10 days to get some legs. Thanks!

I came up and pitched this effort while still living in The (now deceased ) Sovereign Conversion Van Of Wonders at Camp Scooter: SouthEast Afscootistan (A.H.A.)

Now matter how one looks at things media, there are 4 powerful voices on radio and T.V. that move things along nicely. Smartest, most insightful guys in the business. They form a block of programming that runs 12 hours and promotes traditional, conservative values. These are the big guns! They are, in broadcast order:

Glenn Beck
Rush Limbaugh
Sean Hannity
Mark Levin

In many markets, they are all on the same station. And since the Great Convergence a few months ago, they are now fully aligned.

What I propose is a one day, perhaps a Friday, string of shows along the heading "The Liberty Symposium". Each host taking on the topics and issues they are best versed in as they educate, motivate, and work to affect the coming midterm elections....perhaps even upcoming primaries if done early enough.

I may be pretty creative, but I'm not the smartest guy in the room. What topics would be addressed,  examined, and programmed to be decided by brighter folks than I. They all have exceptionally talented people working for them...I am envious of who they get to engage with. proposal: The Liberty Symposium

What do you all think? Can this get the attention of the aforementioned gentlemen and gain some legs. I certainly hope so. It would be a significant event in broadcast history and a motivational series for conservatives....and the undecided...coast to coast.

Until Next Time.....

Friday, March 28, 2014

She Fought Back Right To The End....

It felt like putting a beloved dog down. She was so much a part of how people saw me....saw us.

It saved me....housed me...loved me when no one but my sons did.

Here's a posting going back to 2009: LINK

I had the choice...keep my apartment or fix her. The repair for the rear main seal would have been north of 1K. I simply couldn't do that. Thus.....

I was faced with the thing I most detested about being divorced. The promises you are no longer able to keep. And to her.....I had sworn I would never, EVER sell her. My sons had instructions to bury me in her.

Out the window now.

I am not doing so well in communal living. Even now as I play some music in the background, I await THE knock.


Here are her final moments in my ownership. If there was ever a mechanical thing that deserved a "God Bless You" was her! The video is .....

Until next time....

Sunday, March 23, 2014

At A Loss.....

I'm at a loss!
I have been served an eviction notice....NOT for rent or noise or anything like that. It's The Sovereign Conversion Van Of Wonders. The rear main seal is kaput and leaking pretty steadily on the the pavement.
Texas is WAY to hot for most blacktop applications, so many lots are cement.
There's no way I have cash for that repair, nor anyplace to keep said vehicle away from here. If anyone local who reads my stuff here can help or has any ideas, PLEASE reach out! This is, as you might imagine, VERY timely.