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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Thursday, August 11, 2011

August 11th 2011

THAT'S IT! I am starting my own damn country!
Announcing the nation of:

Afscootistan! All Hail, Afscootistan!

Really, things are becoming a pretty big mess. The economy is tanking like a mafioso in cement shoes. Racial tensions are rising in the Heartland of all places. Prices going through the roof. Massive outbreaks of heavily sweating folks due to stolen A.C. Units for their scrap value.

P.U.! It ALL stinks!

Here's an example:

To yours truly, God's Perfect food is The Hot Dog. It's shape near perfection, and it's tastes heavenly! But only ALL BEEF tube steaks count. I love dead cow!

My favs are Sabrett, Bests, Oscar Meyer ANGUS (only! The other O.M. varieties suck), Shofar, and Hebrew National.

Here at The Home Of Falling Prices, the HebeNats, as I nicknamed them, were $2.50 for any of the varieties. OVERNIGHT the price went to $3.98!!! Now you may ask, was the former price an "On Sale" situation?

Answer: NO! And I can't imagine deceased bovine would increase THAT much THAT soon. But it did. It was that price for months. To their credit, Walmart has tried to keep prices stable. It's been mostly milk that reflected what is going on day to day.

SIDETRACK: Here is where Walmart doesn't get it! WHOLE MILK! The carrott crunchers and food fascists can demean whole milk all they want to. Skim is like poison, 1 and 2 percent bovine juice is the equivalent to self indulging instead of having a significant other in your company.

When I go in to get a quart or half gallon, all I see left are the pale imitations of the Vitamin D bomb I seek. Bowing to demented dietitians and that creep that Ryan Seacrest has pimping asparagus and not cupcakes to school kids, Walmart over buys the inferior versions of said healthy liquid.

Phooey! This will never happen in Afscootistan.

All Hail, Afscootistan.

Really, this is a disaster in all things. Don't see the connections?

Years ago in the 70's when all this EPA crap started, the Arab nations decided to make oil a weapon against the USA because of our support of Israel. What followed were gas lines, odd/even rationing, and rising prices. The EPA role was the regs and rules they began to impose on drilling/refining oil and vehicle mileage minimums.

Supply and demand. This is an economy, not based on Gold, but based on Oil. Energy is EVERYTHING to the nations well being and growth. The EPA starts choking off supply with a demand that keeps growing, and you have the rise of gasoline..heating oil...diesel...etc.

That was under Nixon.

Then comes along Jimmy Carter who used to be the worst president in history.
(Barry Huseamus O'Bama now owns that distinction.) He and his uber liberal, progressive pals start over taxing and controlling oil as well as most everything else. The EPA gained more and more power over drilling and producing oil and it's natural gas cousins, thus increasing costs and, ultimately, end user cash outlay.

The economy was tanking. Inflation hit absurd heights, mortgage interest rates were in the double digits. There was a word for all this: Malaise.

Not much different than what we experience today, except the the progressives have had decades to figure out their mistakes and perfect our national destruction.

At this, Barry Huseamus O'Bama excels. Well, actually I don't think he's all that bright. He is the public face, the marionette, for the puppet masters behind the scenes. Pay close attention to him when the teleprompter is absent.

It's embarrassing.

Take the B.P. debacle a couple of years ago. An offshore drilling rig winds up with a hole in the ocean floor that is really, really hard to plug. So hard that at one point they were using human hair as part of a compound to try to seal it.

In response, O'Bama does a couple of things:

A. Stops La. Governor Bobby Jindal from taking the steps necessary to limit the impact, both economical and environmental, on his state. This guy got boots on the ground himself trying to stem the disaster headed his way. O'Bama, with the power and force of the Federal Government in his pocket, got in Jindall's way every chance they had! This is all well documented in his book "Leadership And Crisis" and news reporting at that time.

B. Shut down ALL the oil rigs, period. Thousands lose jobs, millions of barrels or oil left unpumped. Gas prices rise as an astonishing rate. As of this posting, I am paying just over a dollar more per gallon than this time, last year.

SCOFFLAW SIDETRACK: The O'Bama Adminstration has been ordered TWICE to lift the ban on offshore oil collection by a Federal Judge. Basically, this guy is thumbing his nose at the law. Try using that defense next time you don't pay a moving violation money grab!

Oil, as I said, drives everything...literally. The diesel for the trucks, trains, ships, etc. that deliver and is taxed. The natural gas that powers Electric Plants that power fuel pumps, store lighting and refrigeration, that is taxed.

You get the idea.

Solar Power, you say, is the answer? Go ask Spain!

Their ill fated foray into that alternative is an economic disaster! Read further:

"For every green job created, according to the review, 2.2 jobs in other industries were lost, the direct result of the rising costs of energy. Spanish firms pay 17 per cent more than the EU average for power and Spanish citizens five per cent more."

"Despite accounting for 53 per cent of the additional costs of electricity in Spain, solar power produces just 11 per cent of the power generated in the country."


We already have plenty of negative growth industries and opportunities here, thank you. Don't need no stinking Solar Panels!

In Afscootistan...

Oil Is King!
Hot Dogs Are The Official Food
Milk Is Whole Or Nothing At All

All Hail, Afscootistan!

Enough for today. I have a Constitution to write, National Anthem to compose, and a flag to design.