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Monday, October 6, 2014

My Open Letter To Jerry Jones

I know....I understand Jerry. More out of towners than Cowboy's fans it seems these days.
At least that's what the local, and some national press, are saying. The frustration is written all across your face. Who needs those bastards? After all, not like they are going to buy any Cowboys' merchandise!

Who needs that kinda aggravation? I mean, so much other stuff you have to deal with.

As a transplant from New Jersey and a new Texas resident I am here to help you out, with just a twist of justice! And it can take place on October 19th when you guys take on The New York Giants (who are actually from The Land of Snookie).

And the kicker? Tom Coughlin and I come from the SAME HOME TOWN!!!! Waterloo, New York!


I can be there at Cowboy's Stadium...I REFUSE to call it AT&T....rooting for my new home team. Ask anyone who knows me, I am really, REALLY loud! And if I get to bring a guest or two along, I will be sure they are of the same vocal prowess.

SIDETRACK: In the town I live in, Euless, there is a road known as Industrial that has a slight hill When driving up it, the stadium rises up on the horizon like the Mothership in "Independence Day". It was awesome to see. But now that AT&T has defaced said venue, it looks like the alien's put graffiti on the dome! I hate it!

I love being a Texas Resident. I figure once I rope a calf and scale an oil rig, I can kinda call myself a Texan and get the hat. But for now I am pleased to be fully documented. And nothing says Texas more than The Cowboy's kicking some Yankee ass.

Thus Jerry, I am at your disposal.

I hope you see this and let me play my small part in restoring order to The Force in Arlington. Simply's the right thing to do!

I look forward to hearing from your office soon. Let's do lunch!

Your Truly,