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Saturday, April 16, 2011

April 16th 2011

What I Did Yesterday:

Pretty much sat around and thought about stuff. Inquired about some possible employment here from the groundskeeper.

Found a very nice young lady who seemed scattered and unable to finish a single thought or a sentence. I convinced her to walk around inside WalMart for a while and that seemed to help. I was still concerned for her driving capabilities, but off she went.

My personal baker came by to offer regrets at not having brought me any tasty snacks lately. (Te last batch she made for me, Butterscotch Cookies, were discovered and devoured by the Father figure.) I thanked her for stopping by and accepted a bag-O-pretzels she handed me as a consolation treat.

I'm lovin' me some baked goods!

There is this car full-O-boys that have taken to yelling stuff at me when I am outside The Conversion Van Of Wonders. One of'em called out:

Grounds Keeper Willie from "The Simpsons" and I thought that was kinda funny. His pals, however, just yelled ignorant and vulgar stuff.

Go figure.

This just rolls off my back. But I wonder what kind of upbringing did these kids have, lessons from the apparently dysfunctional families, that allows them to be o.k with something like this. My kids and I would make fun of the "guests" we would see on "The Jerry Springer Show', but these folks put themselves there and had the double wide to go back to. (I mean, c' would go to Chicago, now Connecticut, to be on that show and don't know what you might expect?!?!?!) If my sons told me of a kid they picked on, I'd admonish them. You know, common decency.

There is something to the idea you should have to get a licence to procreate.

Consider if I was a veteran, back from the middle east...unable to deal with what I saw and experienced. Just trying to get myself back into one piece.

Or maybe someone who is dealing with an illness, perhaps terminal, and lost their place to live due to medical costs.

Could be a person near suicide over how their life has turned out and these boy's ongoing taunts send that one right over the rope and tree?

Yep...the parents, step-parents, whatever familial configuration those households have, must be right proud of these here boys!

Job well done!

For myself, I chuckled at the Willie comment and shook my head at the rest. There is no cure for stupid. Ignorance, however, sometimes can be fixed.

SIDETRACK: From my past blog incarnation, some of you might recall "Obama Guy"...the rocket scientist in the blue Lincoln Town Car that would love to yell "Obama" at me on a regular basis. By sheer happenstance, I found myself parked directly behind him a couple of weeks ago and finally got a full licence plate I.D. Will be filing charges against him this coming week. You can read about him HERE. You can see why this one stuck out. The guy got aggressive and it was relentless.

What I Pondered Yesterday:

I so often observe obviously separated parents exchanging offspring here in the parking lot, and I find that sad. The adults apparently can't act like adults for the sake of the kids and allow the trade off to happens at the child's main home. Instead, the kid gets traded off like a returned item to The Home Of Falling Prices.

How pathetic.! Grow the hell up!

Get outside your issues for a moment and do what would be best for your children. When the kid is in bed, THEN yell at each other all you want. Curse out your former significant other to your pals, but not within ear shot of the child.

There was this guy who was always bugging me for rides somewhere. He was staying at a really cheap motel to be able to see his son every weekend.

Noble, yes?

Well this guy had a habit of running down every issue...fault...moral flaw....real or imagined of his ex while his son was standing right there. More than once, I would attempt to curtail said litany of faults, with little success. One day I pulled him aside, told him he was being an asshole. If he wanted to rant, then do it with me or another adult. If he did it in front of his son again while I was around, I would confront him then and there and not deal with him ever again. I did enlighten him to the effect it had on the boy and the harm he was causing. In 2 words...grow up!

It stopped.

What I Wanted To Do Today:

There was a Tea Party Rally in Morristown to observe Tax Day and the absurd spending Obama and his ilk want to continue against you and I. I was prevented from attending due to another Dear Leader consequence....the absurd price of petrol! I have very little to run my generator and thus am saving what's in the van's gas tank for heat the next few days. Depending on which "guess" you take heed of, we may be facing numerous days for rain and coldish weather here. I need the engine for warmth...and gas in the tank to accomplish that.

I guess I may post more later or tomorrow.....


  1. Hi Scooter! What sort of employment are you looking for? I'll keep an eye out if I hear of something you might be interested in.

  2. Glad you're filing charges against the jerk in the lincoln. Let us know how that goes?

  3. Thanks for reading and reaching out. Right now I am looking for odd jobs or per diem work. I am still hoping to be on the road before June 1st. It was May 15th, but the weather has pushed back my prep.