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Sunday, April 24, 2011


What I Did Yesterday:

I got a one day gig driving through Pennsylvania for a friend picking up a couple of eBay purchases he had made. Being on the road like made me feel anxious to finally getting my travel plans underway.

Things I Noticed:

I saw more Vanity License Plates than anywhere else to date. Thing is, Pa. only requires a rear plate, so folks who see said cars in their rear view mirrors never see the mundane, cryptic, sometimes clever personal statements as provided by hard working prison inmate artisans.

Cigs are cheaper but gas costs more.

Rediscovered how much I love an open sky viewed from a green landscape, versus open sky from a parking lot. The weather was awful on the way to York City, but then cleared magnificently, just in time for Easter.

SIDETRACK: Speaking of God, I want y'all to know I do ask Him for His attention to other matters besides my relocation. I try to end my day nightly with a conversation, seeking the following:

Safety and peace for my sons.

Good things and blessings for:
The significant acquaintance
The una-ex
My personal devil
My sisters
And their families.

Those who fight in whatever way for this nation:

Our Troops

The pundits:
Glenn Beck
Rush Limbaugh
Mark Levin
Sean Hannity
Neal Boortz

For Obama and his family, and that he will finally "get it and understand it" and stop ruining this nation.

And finally for myself.
That I am safe.
That I am shown what my purpose is.
And in lieu of that, bring me home.



God Part 2

A couple of weeks ago I attended services at The Budd Lake Chapel. The Pastor there is a High School alumni of yours truly and had come up to see me a while back to offer me some support.

Now, thing is, when he came here, I didn't recognize him. He would ask me stuff, and then start to giggle to himself softly. Making me, your humble observer, curious.

Finally he revealed who he was. Seems he had been to my late wife's funeral and that going way back, he and I both attended the same church, Bethlehem Church in Randolph, New Jersey.

Pastor Alan Pirrello.

I promised him I would attend services. I found him to be a dynamic, take no prisoners, approach to The Gospels and his flock to be among the nicest and happiest I have ever encountered. I look forward to returning some day.

Now this is what was unique for moi:

He was delivering his sermon utilizing a Power Point presentation that would display chapter and verse location for reference. Now I am no Biblical Scholar, and at best know The Psalms are in The Old Testament.

This is what happened.

As I needed to go to a different book, I know automatically where to find it. I would, at first shot, come within a chapter or page of where I needed to be.

I was guided. How about that!

While driving through Pa. yesterday I happened upon a local talk show station in Reading and called in. The host posed the question:

Of what political bent today, does anyone think Jesus would lean to.

I called in and said Libertarian/Tea Party. The premise God made when He created us was of Free Will.

Then I pimped my blog.

The host then asked me a great question, no one had asked me before.

Is my current state due to factors outside myself, or my own blunders.

Excellent question!

I said both. There were forces I had to struggle against, and over the course of time I made some boneheaded choices.

What This Past week Was Like:

Nothing really notable. I did have a Deputy-ette pull up by The Conversion Van Of Wonders and type something into the laptop in her car. I wondered if she was going to ask me to get out and go all T.S.A. on me, which would make me feel like we were on our 3rd date.

She lowered the laptop and drove off. I did see her in either an unmarked or personal car drive past me hours later

The allure and sheer magnetism that is yours truly.


Happy Easter to you all and God Bless.

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