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Sunday, April 17, 2011

April 17th, 2011

What I thought About Today:

Head was spinning for quite some time about all manner of things. I am seeing my spelling/typing suffer a bit and wonder why. I am taking the meds assigned me as prescribed. Guess my years are catching up.....or maybe I am just stagnating.

Who knows?

I am also, for the first time in decades, considering quitting smoking. Some of you may ask...

"Hey Pundit Nomadic Guy, are you hoping for your demise? You fast and pray to God for that and all. What gives?"

The way I see it, God doesn't need my help for much of anything. I mean, should He ask of course I would pitch in, but He can pretty much do what he wants. Thus, my smoking or not smoking will have little effect for whatever He decides to do.

I think I will buy one last pack of Camel Regulars (non-filter). BEST ciggie in the world, smoked by many notable.....dead..but still notable types. I will select the one that will be my LAST One, and post a pic of it. Maybe even video its use.

We'll see.

What I Did Today:

I cleaned out and reloaded my other electric cooler. These Coleman pieces are amazing! They can so cold they can actually produce ice. However, the Coke cans inside this one are not so sturdy against freezing temps I experienced this past winter. Some of'em popped.

Cleaned out, and added boxes of Baking Soda to each one.

Had "Great Value (WalMart Generic Brand) Frozen Lasagna" for.....

What would you call it? The time I ate fell between lunch and dinner. Maybe Linner or Dunch?

I generally eat once a day. Rarely twice. It's a lot of effort in The Conversion Van Of Wonders, moving this and that to make room to do that and this.

Some days just not worth the effort.

Not much else to write. I am trying to make myself post on a regular basis. The flow should start soon and these be more interesting.


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