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Thursday, April 14, 2011

How I Spent My Day

Pretty much fasting and commiserating with God. I read that fasting allows greater connection between one's self and The Big Guy. Not sure that really works. I mean, the stomach has a tendency to distract when asking to be attended to. It reaches up and puts images of food in the head, thus interfering with a link to Heaven.

Imagine Facebook suddenly having MySpace superimposed over it. You get the idea.

Anyhow....been imploring God to get me to an eternal home sans mortgage. Even if I have to earn it via illness. In that case I have two requests:

1. Minimal Pain
2. A malady which will not curtail indulging in my fav foods.

I remember seeing Tammy Fae Baker in her final days and expressing a longing to have a simple, last cheeseburger. (I am not kidding here. She was on Larry King) It struck me cruel that in one's waning time here one could not indulge in the simplest and most basic pleasure.

I felt sorry for her and hoped I would never face something like that myself. My late wife was able to eat anything she wanted....notably Lobster Bisque...without complication...other than the fact she was dying.

I hope I would be granted the same grace should I find myself in similar circumstance.

I find life facinating at times...interesting...even if I have no interest in remaining here. That being said, since I am stuck here for now, I am at minimum amused. It lends to a certain freedom in writing about stuff. I have no interest in having any stake I would opine about, thus will type whatever comes to mind without thought to consequence.

It's as liberating as was obtaining my potty named Harry.

But enough about me, now it's about everyone else.

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