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Friday, November 18, 2011

Irony! Here I Am About To Do...

Edited To Add:

WOW!!!! The support here has been wonderful!!! I was blessed being on the show, but that Glenn allowed me to mention the blogs....amazing!!!

For whatever reason, I haven't been able to post all of the "Comments" here, but they do forward to my email and I am reading them all. For those who have asked, I can't use PayPal because I don't have a bank account to transfer the funds to. So in response, I can accept at Walmart via a cash transfer. I would just need the Transaction Number emailed to me at .

God bless you's hoping you and yours have a GREAT Thanksgiving, and please, continue to support and follow Glenn as he, Stu and well as ALL the staff at Mercury Radio Arts..... do the good and hard work. of THE BIGGEST Talk Shows in America, The Glenn Beck Radio Program at 9:00 AM Eastern, and I am out of gas and freezing!

You can listen in here:

With anything news-ish, something may come up to preempt my appearance, but as of right now, all systems go...except for heat.