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Sunday, June 19, 2011



I have been really sick! So sick that this whatever it is should be against the law. So sick that the first bastard to get this should be jailed for not setting himself on fire to stop the spread!

I wanted to go to services this morning and then have a motorhome to look at. Guess what? Never moved from at all.

I do have some catching up to do here. I decided to revive the other blog and use that to whine about being in a van, regardless that it is The Conversion Van Of Wonders. This one will be simple musings about stuff...people I opinions and thoughts about things...yadda yadda yadda.

Watched "The Voice" on HuLu last night and I have to say that the Shelton guy is brilliant! He would make a helluva music producer. He has insight and instincts that Simon Cowell would have sex with Randy Jackson to have!

I have only watched 2 episodes and last night was the Christina vrs. Blake. Here's what I saw:

Christina is annoying and trying to turn her girls into ...well...her.

The group number is perfect evidence of what I mean. She was La Star and her girls her posse.

When Blake's team came forward, he set it up as their venue..their moment to shine together..popping in only towards the end of the song.

The guy reminds me of Trace Adkins on "The Celebrity Apprentice". Gets'r done with class.

The 2 guys on Blake's team don't do much for me, but the girls...both headed to BIG careers!

Dia Frampton....the next Norah Jones! This girl is stunning!

Xenia...where did this girl come from??? Only 17 and her "smoky" tenor and tone.

I was impressed overall by Blake and these 2 girls. Kinda stopped me in my tracks!

What I am grateful for is The Fairy Godmother who granted Woody's (from the "Toy Story" movies) wish and made him into a REAL boy. Not sure why he changed his name after that to Carson Daly, though.

But I digress....

I am working on getting my head clear and stuff outta the way. I know I need to address why I am still stuck here...what's the latest with the Obama Guy....and I have a new "Director's Cut" with and alternate ending to the post directly below to finish.

Thanks for hanging in there and please, encourage all yer pals to visit. I'd like to get my hit numbers up and from all over the country.


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