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Sunday, May 29, 2011


New Products:

Today I was wandering around The Home Of Falling Prices just passing some time prior to a purchase. Ordinarily I ignore the flat panel monitors trumpeting some new product or idea , finding that sometimes commercials simply need to stop. However there are a couple of notable exceptions and one new one.

Once they were pimping some vitamin supplement by using cartoon fish. And, no, it wasn't Omega3, but I don't recall exactly what it was. Thing is, the fish all wore glasses, thus did not bode well for your vision if you ingest said product.

Janet Napolitano, head of Homeland Security, who has all the dynamic personality of
lint, was CONSTANTLY on these monitors telling us to rat on anyone we thought was "suspicious". Her message resulted in Walmarts being locked down for guys on cell phones talking loudly.

This from the folks who encourage #TSA agents to grope our genitalia looking for bombs in our underoos as we attempt to fly somewhere.

SIDETRACK: Speaking of underwear "bombs", you Twitter users follow this hashtag:


Yer' gonna love it. now a NEW AND IMPROVED product gets pimped via these monitors. Something that has provided security for you gals for ever, keeping you "confident and fresh" during your ride on the cotton pony.

Designer Maxipads! In all the colors of the Rainbow!

I mean, is this necessary? Who's gonna see it and know you are the most fashionable menstruater in your neighborhood? When that monthly tsunami makes it's way into your life, do you really need to know you have a pad full-O-daisies keeping things in place?

And the color combinations....

If you get a pad with green as the color scheme, once utilized the blend of hues now makes the pad.....brown! is well known that chocolate is favored amongst you gals during "that time" maybe that color surprise might be welcome to see.

If you like to plan ahead, here's a link where you can research what colors you get when blended with Red HERE. You can match things to holidays, seasons, etc.

There are items worn under clothing, or in spite of, that are hot and attractive. Certain kinds of panties and bras...thigh highs...4" pumps.

(If your guy is an oprahmale then you need stilettos , fishnets, and a whip.)

But I think I speak for most Men when I say, technicolor feminine hygiene products are not a really beguiling idea to us. oprahmales excluded.'s your money and cycle...who am I to judge. Maybe next you can get pads with the face of people you despise on'em. Like The Governator Special or some french I.M.F. manager who has "issues" with the hired help.

The possibilities are endless. Period!

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