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Sunday, June 26, 2011

June 26th 2011


Barry Huseamus O'Bama

As you may know from here and my prior blog, I have a very active interest in most things political. And nothing get's my blood boiling than our current Amateur In Chief, the so called 1st Black President.

The progressives use that distinction to call any criticism of Obama "racist". However, as Ann Coulter correctly observed some time back, he is a "Halfrican-American". White momma with a black baby daddy. Thus when I point out his flaws and my massive dislike of his reign, I am addressing the White half.

On Twitter I use the hashtag #Hawaii_dbl_wide

Look at his last name for example: O'Bama. It could be McBama for that matter. Truth be told, he is much more white than black. One need only see who his influences are.
Saul Alinsky

Noam Chomsky

Cass Sunstein

Andy Stern

George Soros

Bill Ayers he went to a church led by The Rev. Jeremiah "G-D DAMN AMERICA" Wright who is black. But O'Bama says he never heard what Wright had to say, so that influence is moot. Not only that, but Barry threw this guy under the bus during the Persidential Campaign!

I guess one could say that Barry O'Bama is a whiter President than Bill Clinton, the REAL 1st "Black" President....or at least was called that during his term in office.

I'll have more to say about this in later postings, but wanted to get my "perspective" out there for now.


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