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Friday, April 18, 2014

The Liberty Symposium

UPDATE: 04/21/14 10:25 P.M. C.D.T. : Please pass this along. Either via email to your friends or post this link on your Twitter (#LibertySymposium), FaceBook, etc. pages. I am giving this 10 days to get some legs. Thanks!

I came up and pitched this effort while still living in The (now deceased ) Sovereign Conversion Van Of Wonders at Camp Scooter: SouthEast Afscootistan (A.H.A.)

Now matter how one looks at things media, there are 4 powerful voices on radio and T.V. that move things along nicely. Smartest, most insightful guys in the business. They form a block of programming that runs 12 hours and promotes traditional, conservative values. These are the big guns! They are, in broadcast order:

Glenn Beck
Rush Limbaugh
Sean Hannity
Mark Levin

In many markets, they are all on the same station. And since the Great Convergence a few months ago, they are now fully aligned.

What I propose is a one day, perhaps a Friday, string of shows along the heading "The Liberty Symposium". Each host taking on the topics and issues they are best versed in as they educate, motivate, and work to affect the coming midterm elections....perhaps even upcoming primaries if done early enough.

I may be pretty creative, but I'm not the smartest guy in the room. What topics would be addressed,  examined, and programmed to be decided by brighter folks than I. They all have exceptionally talented people working for them...I am envious of who they get to engage with. proposal: The Liberty Symposium

What do you all think? Can this get the attention of the aforementioned gentlemen and gain some legs. I certainly hope so. It would be a significant event in broadcast history and a motivational series for conservatives....and the undecided...coast to coast.

Until Next Time.....

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