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Friday, March 7, 2014

This Is Really Unusual For Me....


This just doesn't happen to me!!! But for the last buncha nights, I simply can't doze off. And when I do get to sleep, it's in chapters....not a solid 8 hours.

This past Sunday through Tuesday I must have slept a good 35 or so hours. But before that, and again's all screwed up.

There is a lot on my mind and some motivational mud I am trying to slog through. There are 3 projects I did some ground work on that are now stuck on neutral. Here's what happens:

I set myself up to take steps to accomplish things and a really intense wave of exhausted flows over me and I can't do anything but go back to sleep. I fight through the day to stay awake, and when the Polar Vortex and Canada aren't make the temps here unbearable, I walk as much as I can. That helps. yes. But once I set my self down to make some progress, the overwhelming tiredness takes hold again.

I have columns and columns of material and proposals stuck in my head. I wish science would get to the point I can put on a helmet like on Fringe and transcribe my thoughts to text. Even now as I type, I am fighting the tiredness. I would give in, but I know I'll wake in an hour or two and the process begins again.

Some force is battling back at me.


This is a large part of why I haven't been posting and moved along in getting my life back. I still have the apartment, but am out of funds already and hoping something turns up where I can get some cash. But more importantly, I want to make some forward movement on the efforts I have started already.

This is not a "Boo Hoo, Cry Me A River" posting...just letting you all know what's what.

The tiredness is kicking in....hopefully I'll get a full 7-8 hours and have a productive day for a change.

We'll see!

Thanks for reading. Until next time.....

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